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About Us


Containment Manufacturing and Packaging

ANI ANI has the capability to produce and package products containing potent actives that require special handling and containment. The company's 47,000 sq. ft. facility has multiple suites for a variety of solids processing that includes an area that can be controlled to very low humidity’s to support production of products that are very sensitive to moisture.

The fully automated solid dose packaging line offers a complete assembly from bottle unscrambling to bundling. The packaging line meets the requirements for serialization.  For the most potent products, we have the ability to ‘encapsulate’ the line to eliminate the potential for exposure.

ANI also offers blister capabilities at up to 35 indexes per minute. The machine can be tooled to meet any tablet shape and offers card printing capabilities.

Solid Dose Manufacturing / Packaging

Located in Baudette, MN ANI has two separate manufacturing sites. Our Main Street and Containment Facility’s both have solid dose capability. We work with diverse batch sizes depending upon our customers market needs.

ANI Granulation Types
  1. Wet granulation
  2. Dry granulation
  3. Fluid Bed (15kg - 220kg) and oven dry capabilities
  4. Direct Compression
Tablet Dosage Forms
  1. Immediate Release
  2. Modified Release
Tablet Press Capabilities
  1. Korsch XL200
  2. Courtoy R190
  3. (3) Korsch XL400’s
  4. Killian Synthesis 300
  1. Hot Melt fill (2 - Bosch 1400)
  2. Immediate Release (MG Suprema)
ANI Coating Capability
  1. Sugar Coating up to 100kg panload
  2. Aqueous Film Coating up to 400kg panload
  3. Solvent based Film Coating up to 181kg panload
  1. Tablet shape - round, capsule, elliptical
    • 12 count samples, bottles of 30 - 1000 count
    • Additional configurations may be possible with additional tooling
  2. Capsules - size 00 to 3
    • Bottles of 30 - 1000 count
    • Additional configurations may be possible with additional tooling

Contract Packaging

ANI can work with your team to contract package your bulk produced solid dosage forms. Our quality control experts will transfer your technical package and perform packaging based on your specifications. We can test material coming from your facility or contract manufacturer, package and provide accelerated and long term stability services.


Liquid Dose Manufacturing/Packaging

Located in Baudette, MN, ANI has a wide range of liquid manufacturing and packaging capability. We manufacture and package solutions and suspensions and have the capability to manufacture lotions and ointments.

Liquids / Syrups / Solutions / Suspensions / Lotions / Ointments
  1. 25 gallon to 1000 gallon
  1. Glass, HDPE, PET
  2. Induction seal
  3. 30ml to 1000ml bottles
  4. 60ml enema fill
  5. Additional sizes possible with tooling
Special Handling
  1. Nitrogen purge available for specific product requirements